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When laywer/youtuber/wild man @VivaFrei and his lovely family came to New York, from Canada for the family’s spring break, he asked me if they could come to learn how to make chicken fingers and sweet potato fries. Little did I know their kids would blow my mind, not only in their willingness to get involved, their skill and hearing some of the hysterical things they said. A 3 year old literally proved to the world he can crack an egg better than I can. This is a 25 minute family special…so gather the whole bunch and get ready for some good old family fun. We learn how to make homemade chicken fingers, homemade oven baked crispy sweet potato fries and a healthy arugula apple salad with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. And make sure you go check out @VivaFrei’s YouTube Channel and subscribe because he shot a behind the scenes vlog of the whole thing.


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I wanted to know what was the type of oil you used in this one?

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