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Not Another Cooking Show | Stephen Cusato Interview | Passion In Progress

Not Another Cooking Show | Stephen Cusato Interview | Passion In Progress

Stephen Cusato is the creator behind Not Another Cooking Show, a YouTube channel teaching others how to be better cooks. In the episode we tackle topics like going into debt to pursue your passion, creating a format to your show so you don't have to reinvent the wheel each time you make a video , and how getting 70k subscribers in 2 months effected his content creation. I hope these tips and experiences will help you run a successful cooking channel on YouTube as well. Not Another Cooking Show YouTube: Stephen's Instagram: @thefoodfreakk SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW: YouTube: Apple: Google: Spotify: Stitcher: Instagram: @passioninprogress E-mail Newsletter: -Shownotes- (03:01) I would have never done anything that I am doing right now had I been concerned about what other people thought about me (12:43) Tackling finances as a content creator (16:08) Starting my channel on a whim and getting 100 subs in a week (18:13) I can make this work, I just need to float myself long enough monetarily (19:01) going into credit card debt to pursue your dream (24:03) YouTube being a better fit than having a show on Food Network (25:28) how do I branch out from just being known as the pasta guy? (29:15) how do I get views using the same kind of thumbnail plating food on a cutting board instead of on plates (30:44) Creating a format to your show so you don't have to reinvent the wheel each time you make a video (35:20) Why I use a cutting board to plate every thumbnail (39:09) Why I have a format to my shows (40:34) The format removes decisions from the creative process (45:22) Don't be above someone else in the food world (47:00) My goal is not to be the best chef in the world, it's just to make sure you are better at cooking (50:12) Talking about the production work that goes into cooking videos, what angles, what cameras, etc. etc. (50:13) Stephen hates top down shots, or the “Tasty” model, with hands on pans. Why he has his infamous “Mouth Cam” instead. (52:07) Eliminating the friction to creating videos (56:44) How Stephen sources his music for his videos (57:53) I was compensating for my lack of energy with the music that I was using (59:04) Sacrificing ad revenue just to use a song, that's how important music is to the cut for Stephen (01:01:39) How do you take the time to interact with your audience? (01:09:10) Story behind why Stephen's IG handle is the @FoodFreakk and not "not another cooking show" (01:11:18) Should Stephen start a cooking podcast? (01:14:21) “Getting 70k subscribers in two months may have screwed me” DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!


MAKE TIME. PODCAST By Miguel Meola: Today’s guest is Stephen Cusato. Steven is a content creator who focuses on the culinary side of things. We talk about how he got into cooking because of the lack of awareness a lot people have about food, how he ended up quitting his day job and dove into starting a food truck from scratch in New York City, to him picking up a camera and starting a production company out of his apartment. Now he is 1 year into his journey of starting a cooking show on YouTube called Not Another Cooking Show and building up his social media brand. We also talk about mental wellness, building confidence, and trying to dig yourself out of a rut. I hope you all enjoy this conversation.

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CREATORS OFFLINE | Stephen Cusato | Life is a blank jigsaw puzzle - How to make sense of it all: Stephen Cusato, the host of Not Another Cooking Show, talks about his journey and how life is a blank puzzle that sometimes has pieces missing.

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What's For Dinner? Stephen Cusato, of "Not Another Cooking Show" joins the show to talk about why cooking and eating are so special to him.

Listen in as Feedfeed Food Editor Alexa Santos virtually sits down to dinner with Stephen Cusato, @thefoodfreakk. Stephen is a cook and social media sensation known for his "Not Another Cooking Show" on YouTube. Stephen and Alexa talk about Stephen's lifelong love for cooking and learning about food, his philosophy on why eating a good meal is so important, and much more!

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