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Middle Eastern Lamb Arayes with Tahini Sauce

Arayes are a popular Middle Eastern street food made by stuffing lamb into a pita and cooking the meat inside the pita that I had never heard about before. Then a popular nyc spot 12 chairs started serving them and it has caught my attention. It’s an incredible snack that we are gonna learn to make right now.

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Jun 24
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Pitas: I had a LOT of problems keeping the pitas whole or preventing them from splitting in half. Can you add tips like brands or what to look for in good pitas to prevent splitting? I warmed them as recommended in the video but they split in half :( every one with my trial.

Also, using beef, it came out slightly drier than the lamb would have once I reached safe temp on the inside. It also made it crumble in the pita. Any tips here are also appreciated. Flavor came out great, though!

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