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Cranberry sauce is an obligatory item on the Thanksgiving table. I don’t love it but it has a place on the thanksgiving leftover sandwich and i think it is more suitable on your cheese board. So this is a maple balsamic cranberry sauce that can also become a jam. For more sauce like texture, just adjust with water. To make more of a jam suitable for a cheese board, cook it down like I did. Just watch the full video. Get the recipe in my Holiday Plan of Attack.

Also a major giveaway is coming and the winner will be randomly picked from one of the people who purchased the plan of attack. Someone’s gonna get stocked with all my gear. So make sure you are in the running.

This recipe is included in the Holiday Plan of Attack.

To download this recipe and so much more, click on the link below.

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Hi @brennan+notanothercookingshow. Thanks so much for your "kind" words and insight on metrics and competent professionals. I have reviewed your complaint and everything seems to be linking correctly without issues. I'm so sorry for your frustration please try this direct link

Again, I appreciate your much for your concern for us losing sales, it's very heart warming. As a competent professional, I have reviewed all of the metrics and our daily sales beyond the holidays are soaring. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for being a fan!


I would love to purchase your 'Plan of Attack' but whoever built your site is so bad at their job that there is literally no way for me to affect purchase. It just keeps sending me back to the page asking me to purchase it. No price, no checkout process... nothing. You are probably losing a lot of sales because of such poor user experience. You should get better help on managing your site and content. (Competent professionals would have even had metrics so they could tell you how many failed attempts or even views that didn't generate purchases there were.) I imagine lots of users are giving up... like I did.

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