Summer Sauce: No Peel, Small Batch Fresh Tomato Puree

Summer Sauce is a fresh tomato puree made from ripe in season plum tomatoes. I'm looking for a source of tomatoes for large batch canning down the road and this allows us to enjoy fresh tomato sauce without the automatic food mills and giant pots with an army of people help that large scale tomato canning usually requires. We are working towards that. But this is an approachable introduction to fresh tomato puree or tomato passata.


  • 20lbs Ripe Plum Tomatoes

  • 1-2 Pints of Cherry Tomatoes

  • Sea Salt


  1. Wash the plum tomatoes and then go through and remove the stem end and any bruising or imperfections in the tomatoes. Slice into 2-3 pieces and then squeeze out some of the excess tomato juice. Keep the cut tomatoes into a big bowl while you finish preparing the rest of the tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes don’t need to be cut, they will pop when cooked long enough

  2. Once everything is cut, transfer into the largest pot you have, If you don’t have one huge pot, use a couple of pots. Add a touch of salt to help them break down. Get the heat on and start to stir and break down the tomatoes. Keep the tomatoes moving so nothing burns soon the bottom. This could take some time but just hang with it and make sure everything is soft and nicely broken down.

  3. Run the softened tomatoes through a food mill, scraping the bottom to ensure you get every last drop.

  4. Add the puree back to a pot and back on the stove. The final step is an act of reduction, trying to remove as much water as we can until the sauce reaches the perfect thickness, stirring to make sure nothing burns. Once its the perfect consistency, let it cool, store in quart containers and keep in the fridge. It should yield about 5-6 quarts.

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Summer Sauce
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