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The Judge’s Fried Salami Grilled Cheese

Today I share to story of the Judge's Grilled Cheese I grew up eating after school.

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22 सित॰ 2023
5 स्टार में से 5 रेटिंग दी गई।

Loved this simple recipe! Reminds me of my grandmother’s ‘fried boloney’ sandwiches. (I know that’s not the way bologna is spelled but it sounded that way from Grandmom with the heavy Philly accent). My daughter and I are going to try the Judge’s recipe tomorrow.

Btw, where did you get those weights/light meat presses?

hope you’re enjoying your trip!


21 सित॰ 2023
5 स्टार में से 5 रेटिंग दी गई।

I love what you say at the end about sharing recipes. Your show helped me get through the pandemic and took from a medium to an extra-medium! I hope I can actually see you cook and maybe taste a bite if your food the next time you visit Seattle.

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