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how to make GREAT CHICKEN SALTIMBOCCA...both ways (saltimbocca alla romana)

There’s two ways to prepare saltimbocca, one thats flat and crispy and one that’s rolled like an involtini. I prefer the flat one but I’m going to show you both ways.


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May 08

Looks a bit fat. But it will be very suitable for children bob the robber


Apr 26

The dish was exceptional, evoking memories of my youth. It provided a sense of warmth and I must admit that your recipe surpasses my own recollection. Thank you for reminding me of this timeless masterpiece. As always, your channel is exceptional, with captivating and delectable foods that exude passion. tunnel rush


Ken Buker
Ken Buker
Aug 01, 2021

This is a fantastic recipe. I've made chicken saltimbocca before and it was just meh. This delivers a delicious, crispy version of the dish that is super easy to prepare, and quick enough for a weeknight. I can't wait to make it again.

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