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Today's episode, I'll show you how to make fresh flour tortillas. Corn tortillas are amazing but they are a bit more involved to make. But making flour tortillas at home is really very easy and you probably have everything you need in your pantry already. We need some good tortillas for our tacos. These are gonna do the trick.


INGREDIENTS Proportions from the recipe inspired by Rick Bayless.

  • 2 3/4 cups Flour

  • 1/3 cup Lard or Trans Fat Free Shortening

  • 3/4 cup Water

  • 1 Teaspoon Salt



  1. Pulse flour and lard/shortening in a food processor. Until the flour looks a little like wet sand.

  2. Dissolve the salt in the water. Slowly pour the water into the food processor until the dough comes together. Let the processor go until the dough forms a ball and is just slightly tacky. Roll out onto the table with a little flour and form a log with the dough.

  3. Then cut the dough in half. Then cut each half into 3 equal pieces until you have 6 larger pieces. Then cut each of those in half and roll each of those into balls, forming 12 tortilla balls. Make sure when you roll them out, you are sealing them so they are smooth all the way around, use the board or table without any flour to help seal it up as you roll. If you want to make larger burrito sized tortillas, just don’t cut into the 12 smaller pieces. Begin rolling them into balls when you have 6 pieces and those should make 12-16 inch flour tortillas.

  4. Then let the balls rest, covered at room temp for 30 minutes to an hour.

  5. After resting, toss a tiny bit of flour on the board and roll the balls into tortillas, rolling away from you and then turning 1/4 turn between each roll until they are about 7-8 inch tortillas.

  6. Preheat a cast iron pan on medium-medium high heat. You could lightly coat the pan with a very small amount of oil, but it's not necessary. Once hot, add the tortilla to the pan and cook on one side until it begins to bubble up and lightly Browns. Then flip and quickly cook the other side the same way. Then immediately transfer it to a towel-lined bowl and cover with towels. The steam will finish cooking the tortillas while also keeping them warm. 

  7. You now have fresh delicious flour tortillas for any of your favorite dishes. 


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