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The Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger

The Oklahoma Fried Onion Smashburger is a national treasure. This is the interesting history behind this onion burger and how to make it.


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Very, very good recipe. I’ve made these burgers at least 6 times and it’s always top tier!

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R Lombardo
R Lombardo
19 mar 2023

Very good recipe and video.... Best smash burger ive ever made... Burger/sauce/onion technique all worked


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17 ago 2022

I just found your channel on Youtube yesterday. I am not familiar with Calabrian chili. What would be a good substitution that would keep the integrity of this recipe? Thank you. Allie

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best smash burger I’ve ever made or had, awesome sauce! Respect!

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We made this yesterday and it was so good! Simple and delicious!

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