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Eggplant Pasta

This Eggplant Pasta is One of Italy's Most Legendary Pasta

Today we are making one of Italy's, specifically Sicily, most famous and legendary pastas, Pasta alla Norma, the star of which is eggplant.

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If I do not own a food mill what can I use as an alternative?


Michael Moul
Michael Moul
29 เม.ย. 2565

Let me suggest an air fryer for the eggplant. I can hear the gasps now, and yes, I too was a skeptic. But after struggling to get keep the first batch of eggplant from sticking to the roasting pan, my wife suggested I try the air fryer. I was able to use minimal oil, and the little guys turned out to be crisp on the outside, creamy on the inside. The even held their shape much better than they did in the oven. If you've got one, try it.

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