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Stromboli with Pepperoni and Cheese

My mom used to serve a store-bought Stromboli for Christmas and I was obsessed. I’d eat so much that I wouldn’t be hungry for the actual dinner. But like 15 years ago they discontinued the brand and we stopped serving it. But I’m all about the nostalgic these days so I want to recreate the Stromboli from scratch and implement it back into my holidays. This recipe tastes exactly like the one I remember as a kid and I think you’re gonna love it.

This recipe is included in the Holiday Plan of Attack.

To download this recipe and so much more click on the link below.


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Jim Cusson
Jim Cusson

While in the Navy I spent about 8 months stationed on a ship overhauling in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. The "Stromboli Man" would come on base every Friday with is car loaded up (literally!) with strombolis for the guys in the barracks. I haven't had stromboli since... until I made this. I took the easy way out and used store bought dough, but it was still great. If you hadn't done this video I might still be only thinking about doing stromboli.


My grandmother, rest her soul, used to make variations on Stromboli. She used to cut corners and use Peppridge Farm frozen bread dough. Perhaps I should as well as I had a devil of a time with this dough. The first time it barely rose, but I'd used my Kitchen Aid. So the second batch I did by hand. I'm not new to yeast doughs, but this one barely rose(I checked my yeast, Dec 2021 exp). Still didn't rise much but I went with it. I wanted it to be soft, but it wasn't. It was crunchy on the bottom. Tasted good, but not a fan of the dough.


Your yeast blooming water may be to hot or I scaled Steve's recipe and his salt is at 4.43% Salt should be around 2%

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