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Super Crispy Fried Chicken Wings

Super Crispy Fried Chicken Wings that stay crispy (3 wing sauces)

I like my chicken wings crispy and soaking in sauce, which are generally two things that down really play nicely with each other. So today we are going to attempt to make a super crispy chicken wing that will hold up to the sauce and then we are going to make my 3 personal favorite wing sauces to go with it, Buffalo, Teryaki, and the almighty secret sauce, Buffalo Teriyaki.

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13 de fev. de 2022

I just made these with sliced up chicken breasts to the size of wings. Ahhhhhmazing!! I only cooked them for 4 minutes during the 1st cook. Otherwise I did everything exactly as you stated. Thank you for this recipe!!!! We don’t fry much, but this will definitely be my go-to recipe/technique for all my frying needs. The crunch!!!! (I want to use this method/vodka, for frying up our upcoming garden veggies!) Wish I could post a pic; they’re gorgeous!! Will be sharing this on FB/Instagram. I’ve already turned a few your way!!


Devon Pucel
Devon Pucel
12 de fev. de 2022

Can you make these ahead of time with the first fry completed and then finish them the next day? Or even freeze them for easy use?

Respondendo a

I tried this recipe out and did the first fry one day and did the final fry for two batches of wings the following two days (with the wings in the fridge in between). I also did one batch of wings with the first and second fry's on one day. All three batches turned out basically the same, and I didn't notice any change in the crispiness for the batches that did the final fry on the following two days.

Overall, this method is amazing! Probably the best wings I've had.

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